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Mary Flavella CONNOR

Spring 1948

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28 Feb 1896 (PCG) Islington, London (1901 cen)

(M/1896, Islington, 1b, 330) (Free BMD)


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17 Jul 1920  RC Church of the Sacred Heart, Eden Grove, Holloway, Islington (cert) (locate on Multimap)

spouse Philip Archer GUMMETT

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16 Oct 1979 Mayday Hospital, Croydon (PCG)

buried Barkingside Cemetery, Essex (CG-K)


1901 census 40, Eden Grove, Islington, London (locate on Multimap)
1911 census1911 census  3, Cornwall Cottages, Holloway W , London

17 Jul 1920  3 (2a), Cornwall Cottages, Eden Grove, Islington, London (locate on Multimap)

1939 register1939 register 104 Waldegrave Road, Ilford, Essex


In service (PCG)
1911 census Domestic Servant

School caretaker.

After the birth of her children, Mary used to earn extra money by baking and icing cakes for special occasions - Weddings, Christenings etc . She was very proud to be the daughter of a Baker and Pastry cook. (PCG)

29 Sep 1939 Unpaid Domestic Duties (1939 register)

Other information

When she was young, Mary was in service to Henry John Brinsley MANNERS, the 8th Duke of Rutland, and worked in the kitchen of his London house. At one point, she was moved to his country seat at Belvoir Castle. Here, she was the only Roman Catholic in the household, and the Duke used to send her to the local catholic church in his Rolls Royce every Sunday. Having grown up in the East End of London, Mary couldn't cope with the quiet of the countryside and suffered terrible homesickness. She couldn't wait  to be sent back to London. (PCG)

Belvoir Castle

The Kitchen at Belvoir

One episode of the BBC television series "Who do you think you are?" screened in 2006 featured Julian Clary. It turns out that his grandparent also lived at a Cornwall Cottages in London - but not the same one as Mary!

Mary was awarded the Benemerente Medal in 1970. Click the following links to see larger pictures of the framed presentation, the medal, the scroll and the translation of the scroll. (Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page).
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