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2 Queen's Row
2 Queen's Row

born  11 Sep 1803 Moretonhampstead, Devon (GR)


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24 Oct 1830 St. Geo. H. Sq, London (PR)

spouse Flavella REILEY

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died 1842 drowned (KVG) (not found on Free BMD, May 2010)



1832 Apothecary Business, 2, Queens Row, Pimlico, London (ES)

31 Mar 1842  2, Eliza Place, Pimlico, London

William was studying to become a chemist / druggist / apothecary when he met and secretly married Flavella. After the wedding, they took over an existing apothecary at 2 Queen's Row (now Buckingham Palace Road) opposite Buckingham Palace Mews.(ES)

Other information

William published a pamphlet in 1832, announcing his arrival to local residents and assuring them of his personal attention to their apothecarial needs. (ES)
You will note from the image that the pamphlet was printed by J COWELL... possibly the father of Flavella's second husband, George COWELL.

In 1833, soon after acquiring the apothecary business, William filed for insolvency. Dividends were still being paid in 1838.
censusPerry's Bankrupt and Insolvent Gazette 6 Jul 1833
censusPerry's Bankrupt and Insolvent Gazette 28 Sep 1833
censusPerry's Bankrupt and Insolvent Gazette 14 Apr 1838

While his wife was expecting their third child, William set out for France to purchase some important drugs, it is supposed. Unfortunately, there was an unprecedented storm in the English Channel that night and William's vessel, Camilla, was wrecked on the Casquet Rocks close to the Channel island of Alderney in January 1842. All passengers were lost and only the First Mate survived. (ES)

According to newspaper reports at the time, the Camilla, was sailing from Leith the Southampton laden with coal when she was run down by the brig Commodore Napier near Coquet Island on the night of 9 January 1842. The Camilla, sank instantly. All crew were lost and only the First Mate survived. William PUDDICOMBE was not named amongst the dead.
 censusFirst Mate's Account, Hampshire Advertiser censusReport of Investigation, Durham Advertiser

A 70m wooden cargo sloop was built by Scott John & Sons of Westburn, Greenock and completed in March 1792. She was named Camilla and owned by Anderson, Fullerton et al. of Greenock. (source)This may or may not have been the vessel that sank in 1842.

Following William's death, his family took care of the apothecary business. (ES)

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