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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree


b 1868 Chatham, Kent 

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Annie Maria CHAPMAN (KE)



children (KE / EC)


b 1888 (D/1888, Milton, 2a, 862) (GRO)  FULLMAN index

big gap - missing children? - but the 1911 census records 8 children from this marriage...
...which in turn implies that one of the children in this list is here under false pretences!

William John FULLMAN

b c1895 (J/1895, Medway, 2a, 629) (FreeBMD)  FULLMAN index

Minnie Florence FULLMAN
General Servant (Domestic) (1911 cen)

b 16 Aug 1896 (FindMyPast) (S/1896, Milton, 2a, 881) (FreeBMD)  FULLMAN index
censusAdmitted to Barnsole Board School (infants), Gillingham, Kent in 1899 (FindMyPast)
Transferred to Byron Road School, Gillingham, Kent in 1902 (FindMyPast)
census1911 census Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent
m 1916 to Thomas J JOHNSON (J/1916, Medway, 2a, 1570) (FreeBMD) 

Winifred Elizabeth FULLMAN

b 1899 Gillingham, Kent (1911 cen)
(M/1899, Medway, 2a, 679) (FreeBMD) FULLMAN index

m 1918 William H SKIPP

(S/1918, Medway, 2a, 1835) (FreeBMD)

Gladys May FULLMAN 

b May 1901 Gillingham, Kent (1911 cen)
(J/1901, Medway, 2a, 713) (FreeBMD) FULLMAN index
Admitted to Byron Road School (infants), Gillingham, Kent in 1904 (FindMyPast)
m 1920 to Robert DUTNALL (J/1920, Medway, 2a, 1896) (FreeBMD) 


b 1904 Gillingham, Kent (M/1904, Medway, 2a, 774) (FreeBMD) FULLMAN index


 b 1906 Gillingham, Kent (S/1906, Medway, 2a, 812) (FreeBMD) FULLMAN index

Frederick George FULLMAN 

b 24 Jun 1908 Gillingham, Kent (1911 cen)
(S/1908, Medway, 2a, 797) (FreeBMD) FULLMAN index
bapt 24 Sep 1908, Rainham, Kent. Parents William FULLMAN & Annie Maria FULLMAN (IGI)

m 1931 to Florence V FRIEND (M/1931, Hampstead, 1a, 1057) (FreeBMD)
and had no children but fostered. (BLF)
d Apr 1987 (EC)
(J/1987, Chatham, 162a, 480) (FindMyPast)


b 1913 (J/1913, Medway, 2a, 1465) (GRO) FULLMAN index

1891 census    census 1901 census    census 1911 census
At the 1891 census, Annie Maria was living with her son Bertram/Bertrand next door to John CHAPMAN and his wife Elizabeth (possibly Annie Maria's parents?)

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