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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree

Thomas Felix FULLMAN

This is prob O-N307-02 Thomas (based on father's name at marriage)

Commercial Traveller (1881 cen)

Holder of Excise License - Beer & Wine (1891 cen)

b c1848 Tunbridge Wells, Kent (1881 cen)

d c1899? (D/1899, Ticehurst, 2b 86) (FreeBMD)


12 Aug 1873 

Saint Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex (IGI)
(S/1873, Brighton, 2b, 316) 


Mary (May?) F THOMAS

b c1848  Biddinden, Kent


children (1881 /1891 cen)

George Thomas FULLMAN (1881 cen)

b c1874 Frant, Sussex 

(J/1874, Ticehurst, 2b, 102) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

Lillian Harriet FULLMAN (1881 cen)

b c1876 Frant, Sussex 

 (M/1876, Ticehurst, 2b, 111) (GRO) Fullman Index

Mabel Eliza FULLMAN (IGI)

b c1877

(J/1877, Ticehurst, 2b, 101) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

bapt 27 May 1877 Eridge Green, Sussex (IGI)

d 1878 (J/1878, Tunbridge, 2a, 321) (FreeBMD) aged 1

Reginald  Ernest FULLMAN (1891 cen)

b c1881 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

(J/1881, Tunbridge, 2a, 628) (GRO) Fullman Index

admitted to Nat. Sch.19 Oct 1888 (DB)
d 1961 aged 80 (S/1961, Camberwell, 5c, 232) (FreeBMD)

1881 census 8 Claremont Rd, Tonbridge, Kent

1891 census 2, High Street, Tonbridge Wells, Kent
census1911 census "Artichoke", 34, Farringdon Street, London, EC

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