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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree

Sidney Albert FULLMAN

b 1913

(J/1913, Medway, 2a, 1465) (GRO) FULLMAN index


Doris Mary SHARP (KT)



children (KT / BLF)

Patricia Georgina R FULLMAN (adopted)

b c1941 Chatham, Kent 
m 1960 (M/1960, Chatham, 5b, 506) (FreeBMD)

to Brian J C SIMONS

Benita Lesley FULLMAN

b 1948 Chatham, Kent (J/1948, Chatham, 5b, 570) (FreeBMD) FULLMAN index

m 1968 (J/1968, Chatham, 5f, 348) (FindMyPast)

to Brian TUCKER

I was born and christened Benita Lesley FULLMAN, daughter of Sidney Albert FULLMAN and Doris Mary FULLMAN in Chatham Kent. My father was the youngest of several children including Ernest, Frederick, Cyril, Gladys. He originally lived in the Luton area of Chatham, Kent. Fred married Florrie and had no children but fostered. Cyril lived in Gillingham, Kent and had a son who was very musical. He played piano and organ in various churches. Ernie lived in Redruth, Cornwall and had children that I never met. I live in Devon and have been looking at the origins of FULLMAN but have never found a definitive family tree, usually through lack of information as this was a large family spread in age and location. I never knew my grandparents and am 56 years old. I have a half sister Patricia Georgina FULLMAN, adopted by my dad at about the age of five. I was born seven years later in 1948. If anyone can shed light on any of this I would be grateful. Kerry TUCKER is my daughter and I have a son Stuart TUCKER. Kerry has contacted this site and left a message too. (BLF via Ancestry message boards in 2004)

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