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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree

Henry George FULLMAN

b c1849 Rotherhithe, Surrey (1881 cen)

(M/1849, Rotherhithe, 4, 491) (FreeBMD)

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b c1849  Ramsgate, Kent


children (1881/1891 cen)

Susan Fanny FULLMAN (1881 cen)

Domestic Servant

b c1871 Whitechapel, Middlesex 

(S/1871, St.Geo.East, 1c, 275) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

m 1915 George H BENSON

(S/1915, Southwark, 1d, 161) (FreeBMD)

John Henry G FULLMAN (1881 cen)

Asbestos packer

b c1872 Finsbury, Middlesex Fullman Index

Florence Rose FULLMAN (1881 cen)

b c1877 St George E, Middlesex 

 (D/1877, St. Geo. East, 1c, 406) (FreeBMD)  Fullman Index
potential for confusion with Florence FULLMAN b 1877 Tunbridge
census1911 census Domestic Servant living in Highgate, London
d 1964 aged 86 (J/1964, Hendon, 5e, 493) (FreeBMD)

William Thomas G FULLMAN (1881 cen)

b c1880 St George E, Middlesex 

(M/1880, St Geo East, 1c, 405) (GRO)  Fullman Index
is this the same person as...
 William Grigg FULLMAN

b c1881 Rotherhithe, Surrey (IGI) Fullman Index

Lilly Amelia FULLMAN (1891 cen)

b c1883 St George the Martyr 

(D/1883, St. Saviour, 1d, 41) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index
d 1911 aged 27 (M/1911, Camberwell, 1d, 526) (FreeBMD)

1881 census 4 Hope Court, London, Middlesex

1891 census 52, Cornbury (?) street, St George the Martyr, Southwark, London

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