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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree

 George Henry FULLMAN  

b c1882 Rotherhithe, Surrey 

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Clara Sophia SPURDENS

b c1882 Southwark London (JC)


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Jane Elizabeth Clara FULLMAN (JC)

b 28 Dec 1903 (M/1904, Southwark, 1d, 86) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

bapt 13 Jan 1904, St. John, Walworth, Surrey. Parents George Henry FULLMAN & Clara Sophia (IGI)
d 1905 aged 1 (M/1905, Southwark, 1d, 55) (FreeBMD)

George Henry FULLMAN (JC)

b  1905 (D/1905, Southwark, 1d, 90) (Free BMD)  Fullman Index

 Clara Sophia E FULLMAN (1911 cen)

b 1907 (D/1907, St. Olave, 1d, 237) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index
m Alfred CAREY (S/1932, St. Olave, 1d, 308) (FreeBMD)

 William Alfred FULLMAN (1911 cen)

b 1910 (M/1910, Wandsworth, 1d, 467) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

 Frederick E FULLMAN

b 1912 (J/1912, Camberwell, 1d, 1511) (GRO) Fullman Index
d 1914 aged 2 (D/1914, St Olave, 1d, 242) (FreeBMD)


b 1914 (S/1914, St Olave, 1d, 444) (GRO) Fullman Index
d 1914 aged 0 (D/1914, St Olave, 1d, 248) (Free BMD)


b 1916 (J/1916, St Olave, 1d, 387) (GRO) Fullman Index

m 4 Jul 1936 to William WILLIAMS b c1910 Southwark London (JC)
(S/1936, Bermondsey, 1d, 455) (FreeBMD)
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m 1948 to Patrick P HASSETT (S/1948, Bermondsey, 5c, 265) (FreeBMD)
d c 1993 (JC)

Joseph Charles FULLMAN

b 6 Aug 1918 (FindMyPast)
(S/1918, St Olave, 1d, 269) (GRO)
Fullman Index
m 1946 to Joyce D KEEN (J/1946, Bermondsey, 1d, 173) (FreeBMD)
d 2002 (S/2002, Bexley, 2201C, 91) (FindMyPast)

Benjamin T FULLMAN

b 1920 (D/1920, St Olave, 1d, 392) (GRO) Fullman Index

census1911 census 93, Waterloo Buildings, Camberwell, London

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