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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree



b c1845 Tunbridge Wells (1901 cen)

(S/1845, Tonbridge, 5, 497) (FreeBMD)

  Fullman Index
or b c1849 Tunbridge Wells (1891 cen)
or b c1852 Tunbridge Wells (1881 cen)
d 1923 aged 76
(J/1923, Tonbridge, 2a, 838) (FreeBMD)



(J/1872, Tunbridge,
2a, 850)

Martha BULEY

Monthly Nurse

b c1852 Tunbridge Wells
(1901 cen)

census1911 census


children (1881 / 1901 cen)

George Leonard FULLMAN (1881 cen)

b c1873 Tunbridge Wells

(S/1873, Tunbridge, 2a, 342/542) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

d 1908 age 35 (S/1908, Tonbridge, 2a, 396) (FreeBMD)

Albert FULLMAN (1881 cen)

Port Errand Boy (1891 cen)
1901 census Surrey County Asylum for Pauper Lunatics, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey
Attendant on the Insane (1901 cen)
Attendant (1911 cen)
b 1875 Tunbridge Wells (D/1875, Tunbridge, 2a, 544) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index
d 1949, aged 74 (S/1949, Edmonton, 5e, 234) (FreeBMD)

Florence FULLMAN (1881 cen)

b c1877 Tunbridge Wells

(M/1877, Tunbridge, 2a, 625) (GRO) Fullman Index
potential for confusion with Florence Rose FULLMAN b 1877 St George E, Middlesex
Scholar (1891 cen)

Domestic Servant, Tunbridge Wells (1901 cen)
m 1902 Arthur Ernest J POWELL or Richard SKINNER

(M/1902, Tunbridge, 2a, 1151) (FreeBMD)

Nora FULLMAN (1881 cen)

Scholar (1891 cen)

b c1879 Tunbridge Wells

(M/1879, Tunbridge, 2a, 615) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

m 1903 Harry ASHLEY or Samuel GOODES 

(D/1903, Huntingdon, 3b, 573) (FreeBMD)

Frederick Miles FULLMAN (1881 cen)

Scholar (1891 cen) Dairyman (1911 cen)

b c1880 Tunbridge Wells 

(J/1880, Tunbridge, 2a, 648) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

m 1905 Rebecca Ruth GUEST (1911 cen)

(J/1905, Tonbridge, 2a, 1580) (FreeBMD)
census1911 census 5, Victoria Road, Kensington, London
d 1949 aged 69 (S/1949, Islington, 5c, 763) (FreeBMD)

Ada FULLMAN (1891 cen)

Scholar (1891 cen) Domestic Servant (1911 cen)

b c1881 Tunbridge Wells 

(D/1881, Tunbridge, 2a, 640) (GRO) Fullman Index
census1911 census 104, Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells

Tom? John? FULLMAN (1901 cen)

Not listed on 1891 census

Groom Domestic

b c1881 Tunbridge Wells

Arthur Edward FULLMAN (1901 cen)

Scholar (1891 cen)
errand boy (1901 cen)
Bearings Maker (1911 cen)

b c1885 Tunbridge Wells (J/1885, Tunbridge, 2a, 644) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index
d c1968 aged 82 (M/1968, Bromley, 6a, 660) (FreeBMD)

Ellen / Nelly M FULLMAN (1891/1901 cen)

General domestic servant (1901 cen)
Upholstress (1911 cen)

b c 1887 Tunbridge Wells

(M/1887, Tunbridge, 2a, 657) (Free BMD) Fullman Index

potential for confusion with Nellie May FULLMAN b 1881 Birling, Kent
recorded as Ellen FULLMAN on 1911 census

Edith FULLMAN (1891/1901 cen)

Dressmaker (1911 cen)
b c 1888 Tunbridge Wells

(D/1888, Tunbridge, 2a, 667) (GRO) Fullman Index

m 1908? (M/1908, Aston, 6d, 353) (GRO)

potential for confusion with Edith Mercy FULLMAN b 1883  Chatham, Kent

Louis / Lewis FULLMAN (1901 cen)

b c 1892 Tunbridge Wells

(M/1892, Tunbridge, 2a, 689) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

1881 census 3 Golding St, Tunbridge, Kent

1891 census 2 Golding St, Tunbridge, Kent

1901 census 17 Bonhall(?) Road, Tunbridge Wells
census1911 census 6, Calverley Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The 1911 census records that there were 10 children born to this family, one of whom had died by 1911. This indicates that one of those listed above is here under false pretences!

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