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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree

Frederick William FULLMAN

Tea Warehouseman

b c1862 Bethnal Green

(M/1862, Bethnal Gn, 1c, 327) (FreeBMD)

Fullman Index

married 1890


W Ham 4a 269) 


Caroline WEBB

b c1868 Enfield



Margaret Caroline FULLMAN (1891 cen)

b c1891 Walthamstow, Essex (M/1891, W. Ham, 4a, 336) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index
appears aged 1 on 1891 census!
census1911 census 1, The Avenue, High Barnet, London
m 1921 to William C BUXTON (S/1921, Barnet, 3a, 1030) (FreeBMD)

Frederick Samuel FULLMAN (1901 cen)

b c1893 Walthamstow, Essex (D/1893, W.Ham, 4a, 316) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

Walter Edwin FULLMAN (1901 cen)

b c1895 Walthamstow, Essex (S/1895, W. Ham, 4a, 388) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

Frances Violet FULLMAN (1901 cen)

b c1897 Walthamstow, Essex (S/1897, W. Ham, 4a, 358) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

Winifred Mary FULLMAN (1901 cen)

b c1898 Walthamstow, Essex  (D/1898, W. Ham, 4a, 399) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index
probably unmarried
d c1966 aged 68 (D/1966, Hendon, 5c, 148) (FreeBMD)

John Ernest FULLMAN (1901 cen)

b c1900 Walthamstow, Essex (J/1900, W.Ham, 4a, 437) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

Kathleen M FULLMAN 

b c1911 (S/1911, W. Ham, 4a, 854) (GRO) Fullman Index
m 1939 to Eric H NEVITT (S/1939, Essex SW, 4a, 1179) (FreeBMD)

1891 census Oak Hill Cottage, Hale End Rd, Walthamstow, Essex

census1901 census Oak Cottages, Oak Hill, Walthamstow, Essex


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