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James Albert FULLMAN





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 c1844 Minories, Middlesex 
(J/1844, Whitechapel, 2, 543) (GRO) 


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married (1)
certificate certificate

22 Aug 1864 St James the Great, Middlesex (cert)
(S/1864, Bethnal Gn, 1c, 567)

spouse  Margaret HOWARD

b c1846 (est)
d c1924 aged 78 (M/1924, Bethnal G., 1c, 214) (FreeBMD)

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married (2)


spouse Ann "Annie" GORIN / SULLIVAN

b c1848 Bermondsey, Surrey

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1909 aged 65 (D/1909, St Olave, 1d, 121) (FreeBMD) 



1851 census 5 Little Collingwood Street, Bethnal Green
parish record4 June 1865 12, Pitt Street, Bethnal Green (PR)
parish record8 Dec 1867
11, Friar's Mount, Bethnal Green (PR)
parish record17 Oct 1869 9, Cotton's Gardens, Shoreditch (PR)
parish record17 Dec 1871 10, Prince's Court, Bethnal Green (PR)
1876 10 Prospect Place, Rotherhithe, New Road (son's birth certificate)

1881 census 10 Prospect Place, Rotherhithe, Surrey (IGI)
1883 193, Rotherhithe New Road, Rotherhithe (son's birth certificate)
1893 193, Rotherhithe New Road, Rotherhithe (son's birth certificate)

1899 10, Anchor Street, Bermonsey (press)


1864 Basket Maker (PR)
1867 General Dealer (PR)
1869 Basket Maker (PR)
1871 Basket Maker (PR)
1876 Chimney Sweeper (son's birth certificate)
1881 census
Chimney Sweeper
1883 Chimney Sweeper (son's birth certificate)
1893 Chimney Sweeper (son's birth certificate)
1900 Chimney Sweep (dau's marr certificate)
1907 Sweep (son's marr certificate)

Other information

Like many people at the time, James was illiterate, registering his youngest son's birth with an 'X'

According to this newspaper article from 1877, James led a somewhat complicated life. As well as having eleven children with his two wives, it seems he had at least one more with a third woman, Martha CURTIS.

"Jim" appeared in court in 1899 accused of hitting his wife, Annie, with a rolling pin and was sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment.

Note that a Charles William GORIN witnessed the marriages of James and Annie's daughters, Annie Kate FULLMAN in 1900 and Rosina Julia FULLMAN in 1912. Possibly the girls' grandfather or uncle?

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