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Henry George FULLMAN





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b c1848 Rotherhithe, Surrey (1881 cen)
22, Upper Queen's Street, Rotherhithe, Kent (1911 cen)

(M/1849, Rotherhithe, 4, 491) (FreeBMD)


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2 Oct1870  Christ Church, Ramsgate (FindMyPast)

(D/1870, Thanet, 2a, 1329) (FreeBMD)

spouse Fanny GRIGG b c1846  Ramsgate, Kent

Father: John GRIGG (FindMyPast)

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1919 aged 69 (M/1919, W. Ham, 4a, 339) (FreeBMD)



1851 census 5 Little Collingwood Street, Bethnal Green

1881 census 4 Hope Court, London, Middlesex
census1911 census 25, Bradley Street, Tidal Basin, West Ham, Essex


1911 census Chimney Sweep (Private Houses) on own account

Other information

In the summer of 1875, Henry and two of his brothers were busking in Bermondsey as singing chimneysweeps when a drunken fight broke out between them and they found themselves under arrest. The incident was reported in the Birmingham Daily Post on 7 Sep 1875. (FindMyPast)

Where was Fanny in 1911? She was presumably still alive as Henry recorded himself as married rather than a widower. (1911 cen)

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