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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree

Charles George FULLMAN

b  c 1873 Bethnal Green


Emma Jane LANE

b c1872 Bethnal Green
d 1941 aged 68
(J/1941, St Albans, 3a, 1748) (Free BMD)


children (1901/1911 cen)

Charles George FULLMAN

b c1894 (J/1894, Bethnal G., 1c, 139) (Free BMD) Fullman Index
possible confusion with Charles Goddard FULLMAN b 1891
d c1929 Bethnal Green, aged 35 (M/1929, Bethnal G., 1c, 284) (Free BMD)

George Frederick FULLMAN
b c1895 Shoreditch
 (S/1895, Bethnal G., 1c, 141) (Free BMD) Fullman Index

(Emma) May FULLMAN

b c1898 (S/1897, Bethnal G, 1c, 129) (Free BMD) Fullman Index
m Edward J BARBER c1922 (D/1922, Shoreditch, 1c, 205) (Free BMD)

Thomas Alfred FULLMAN

b c1900 (S/1900, Shoreditch, 1c, 14) (Free BMD)  Fullman Index
d c1937 aged 36 (M/1937, Islington, 1b, 291) (Free BMD)

Walter Benjamin FULLMAN

b c1906 (M/1906, Bethnal G, 1c, 139) (Free BMD)  Fullman Index
m 1927 to Ada Elsie MOSS (D/1927, Bethnal G, 1c, 341) (Free BMD)
Ada, b 10 Apr 1897, Bethnal G., was descended from John ODDBOY b c1728, Limpsfield, Surrey.
Details on this webpage or download here (pdf, 17kb)

Jack Henry FULLMAN
b 1908
(D/1908, Bethnal Green, 1c, 152) (Free BMD) Fullman Index
m 1932 to Violet I RIDER (J/1932, Islington, 1b, 216) (Free BMD)

1901 census
census1911 census 166 High Street, St Leonards, Shoreditch, London

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