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FULLMAN family not yet connected to the KEMP tree

Benjamin Edwin FULLMAN

Chimney Sweeper

b c1854 Middlesex 

(D/1854,Stepney,1c, 467) (GRO) 

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Anne/Annie/Anna (1881 cen)

Hannah Maria RAVEN (JC)

b c1853 Hertford


children (1881/1891 cen)

William John FULLMAN (1881cen)
b c1876
(J/1876, St. Olave, 1d, 322) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

 Anne (Annie Maria?) FULLMAN (1881cen)

b c1879 Rotherhithe, Surrey (S/1878, St. Olave, 1d, 259) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index
document1891 census  5, Albany Road, Camberwell, London with uncle William FULLMAN

 Benjamin Edwin FULLMAN (1881cen)

b c1880 Rotherhithe, Surrey Fullman Index

 George Henry FULLMAN (1891cen)

b c1882 Rotherhithe, Surrey Fullman Index

 Joseph Charles FULLMAN (1891cen)

b c1886 Rotherhithe, Surrey 

(M/1886, St. Olave, 1d, 340) (Free BMD) Fullman Index

 Rose Mary FULLMAN (1891cen)

b c1888 West Ham 

(M/1888, W. Ham, 4a, 114) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

m 1908 (J/1908, W. Ham, 4a, 19) (Free BMD)

 To John William BEAUTYMAN or Samuel WINDELER (FreeBMD)

 Nell (Ellen Elizabeth?) FULLMAN (1891cen)

b c1891 New Cross 

(M/1891, Greenwich, 1d, 1044) (FreeBMD) Fullman Index

d (S/1895, Bethnal G, 1c, 158) (FreeBMD) aged 4

1881 census 5 Carline Crescent, Rotherhithe, Surrey

1891 census St Paul's, Deptford, London

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