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Ambrose Edward FULLMAN

c1914 (AH)


17 Mar1900 (AH) (FindMyPast)  

(J/1900, Malling, 2a, 705) (GRO)

bapt 10 May 1900 Snodland IC (DB)

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7 Jun 1919 Denton nr Gravesend (AH)

(J/1919, Gravesend, 2a, 1863) (Free BMD)

spouse  Annie McPHERSON (Free BMD / AH)

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c1978 (AH) or 1981 (Swale, Vol 16, page 1485) (PTo)



census1901 Census  47, Malling Road, Snodland, Kent (locate on Multimap)


Other information

After the untimely death of their mother, one sister Violet Florence (Molly) was brought up by Mildred HERRINGTON, known as "Granny Luckhurst" who had a husband George and who lived in Catford. (MGK) The other sister May Miriam (Wendy) went to live with her father's sister Ella Phoebe FULLMAN (1911 cen). Brother James Alonzo went to live with his uncle Alonzo HERRINGTON (1911 cen).

Ambrose Edward was brought up by his father and 'step-mother' - not sure if they married  - and he said his step-mother was very cruel to him, made his life as a child a misery, and sadly he developed a stutter which he retained for the rest of his life and he retained a faulty bladder! (AH)

Annie and Ambrose were school-hood sweethearts, possibly in Gravesend. They had eight children altogether but four died as infants. (AH)

Ambrose in 1918

Ambrose joined the Navy at age 14 was a petty officer during WW2. He ended up as a skipper for British Petroleum on a small oil tanker.  The boat was commissioned from Faversham.  The sea was his love and life. (AH)

Ambrose had a rotten end, it started by him falling and breaking his hip round about 1972.  He had something wrong with a toe which due to neglect of family doctor, turned into gangrene - which meant he had a leg amputated.  About a year after that, he had a massive stroke which left him wheelchair bound and unable to speak.  We know, unfortunately, that he suffered a lot of pain and was in Milton Regis hospital for about 2 years before he eventually died - so in total had about 5 really tough years at the end of his life. (AH)

Ambrose in c1935
c1935 courtesy of PTo

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