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Ambrose Edward HERRINGTON

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PR bapt

c1840 Strood, Kent (1881 cen)

bapt  12 Jan 1840 Strood, near Rochester, Kent (PR)

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PR marr

8 Jul 1861  Halling, Kent (IGI) 

(S/1861, N Aylesford, 2a, 462) (FreeBMD)

spouse Eliza WEST view pedigree

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1924 aged 83 (D/1924, Malling, 2a, 833) (FreeBMD)



1841 census Eatten's(?) Lane, Strood, Rochester, Kent
1851 census Roe Buck Lane, St Margaret, Rochester, Kent
1861 census High Street, Strood, Rochester, Kent - recorded as HORTON

1861 Strood (PR marr)
1871 census 75, Chandler Street, Gateshead - recorded as HORTON

1881 census Happy Row, Birling, Kent click for transcript

1891 census 11 Birling Road, Snodland, Malling, Kent

1901 census 1 Queen's Avenue Snodland, Malling ( 6 Jupps Cottages, Strood, Kent?) (ML)
census1911 census 21 Queen's Road, Snodland, Kent


1851 census Labourer
1861 census Labourer at Cement Factory
1863 Labourer (PR)
1871 census Labourer

1874 Labourer (PR)

1881 census  Agricultural Labourer

1891 census  Cement Labourer

1896 Labourer

1901 census General Labourer
1911 census Sack Mender

Other information

IGI has surname as HERRINGTON at baptism and as HARRINGTON at marriage

Ambrose and his brother Edward were staying with their mother's brother, Enoch at the 1861 census and were recorded with the surname HORTON. Ambrose retained this name at the 1871 census, but then reverted to HERRINGTON

Ambrose was probably illiterate - he "made his mark" as witness to his daughter's marriage in 1896.

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