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potential for confusion with cousin William FULLMAN





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bapt PR

c1844 (D/1844, N Aylesford, 5, 412) (FreeBMD)

bapt bapt 25 Dec 1844 Halling, Kent (PR) (IGI)

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marr PR


25 Dec 1865 Burham, Kent (IGI

(D/1865, Malling, 2a, 745) (FreeBMD)

spouse Ann COSTEN  b c1848 Burham, Kent (1881 cen) 

b c1845, Father: George COSTEN (FindMyPast)

recorded as Annie on her children's baptismal records

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1928 aged 83 (M/1928, Malling, 2a, 1105) (FreeBMD)



document1871 census Church St, Burham, Kent
1881 census 34 Church St, Burham, Kent
1891 census 51 Church St, Burham, Kent
census record1901 census Rochester Road, Burham Entire, Kent
census record1911 census 3, Brisley Cottage, Burham West, Rochester, Kent


1881 census Stoker
1881 census Engine Driver

1891 census Engine Driver Stationery

1901 census Engine Driver 
1911 census Cement Worker at the Burham Works

Other information

This marriage is more likely to be this William rather than his cousin because this one would have been 21 years old, while the other would only have been 19 and therefore a minor. The 1881 census also has him at the exactly correct age - 36 - although the 1891 census has him aged only 45. (This theory was later confirmed by the PR which shows William's age as 21, and his father as John FULLMAN.)

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