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14 Mar 1846

Harriett LATTER (JB)



 O-N307-01 Mary FULLMAN

b c1846 (D/1846, Malling, V, 372) (GRO) FULLMAN index

Bapt 25 Oct1846  Birling, Kent (IGI)

m? 10 Oct 1871 Maidstone, Kent to Hanry PEMBLE (IGI)
or m? 04 Feb 1875 St Martin-In-The-Fields, Westminster

potential for confusion with cousin O-N306-03 Mary FULLMAN born c1848

 O-N307-02 Thomas FULLMAN

b c1848

 O-N307-03 Fanny FULLMAN

b c1851

 O-N307-04 James FULLMAN

b c1853 

 O-N307-05 Harriett FULLMAN #

b c1855 (M/1855, Malling, 2a, 318) (GRO) Fullman Index

Bapt 03 Jun 1855  Birling, Kent (IGI)

Cook (marriage record, FindMyPast)

m 05 Aug 1893 All Saints, Snodland (FindMyPast)

(S/1893, Malling, 2a, 1115) (FreeBMD)

giving her age as 36

to  Henry Arthur BRETT Cooper, of Snodland

Father: Henry BRETT, Timber Merchant

Witnesses: George PEMBLE and Fanny PEMBLE

NB This family were registering a href="N306Family.htm">children alongside brother James FULLMAN and Sarah MARTIN

# Harriett FULLMAN, housekeeper, was unmarried and living with her widowed father at the 1881 census. 

In the house with her parents was a granddaughter, Annie FULLMAN - possibly Harriett's daughter.  Annie was born 1880 (M/1880,Malling,2a, 569) (GRO)  Fullman Index

and sadly died just four years later (M/1884, Malling, 2a, 361) (FreeBMD)

bur 3 Jan 1881,  All Saints, Birling (FindMyPast)


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