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16 Jun 1844

Parish Church at Aylesford




O-N306-00 Sarah Alice FULLMAN b c1845 Aylesford (1851 cen)
bapt 29 Sep 1944 (LM)

 O-N306-01 William FULLMAN 

b c1846

 O-N306-03 Mary FULLMAN 

b c1848 (D/1848, Malling, 5, 356) (FreeBMD) FULLMAN index

bapt 17 Dec 1848 Birling Kent (IGI)
census1861 census servant in Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent
m? 10 Oct 1871 Maidstone, Kent to Hanry PEMBLE (IGI)
or m? 04 Feb 1875 St Martin-In-The-Fields, Westminster

potential for confusion with cousin O-N307-01 Mary FULLMAN born c1846

 O-N306-04 Ann FULLMAN  

b c1851 (M/1851, Malling, V, 406) (GRO) FULLMAN index

bapt 26 Jan 1851 Birling Kent (IGI)
document1871 census with Aunt Catherine
m? 27 Aug 1876 St Martin-In-The-Fields, Westminster
to Lucas HUDSON (IGI)

 O-N306-05 Thomas FULLMAN

b c1853

 O-N306-06 Frances FULLMAN 

b c 1855 (M/1855, Malling, 2a, 312) (GRO) FULLMAN index

bapt 4 Feb 1855, Birling Kent (IGI)

1881 census 
census1911 census Head Attendant in an institution
d 1945 aged 90 (M/1945, Maidstone, 2a, 1556) (FreeBMD)



Dressmaker (1881 cen)

b c1857 (S/1857, Malling, 2a, 339) (GRO) FULLMAN index

bapt 4 Oct 1857 Birling Kent (IGI / 1881 cen)

m 25 Dec1885, All Saints, Birling (FindMyPast)

(D/1885, Malling, 2a, 955) (GRO)

to James Marsh PEARCE, Sergeant, of Templemore

Father: James PEARCE, Baker
Witnesses: Thomas FULLMAN and Frances FULLMAN

 O-N306-08 Minnie Sophia FULLMAN

b c1860

The source for the existence of each member of the family is given after their birth date

NB This family were registering children alongside brother Thomas FULLMAN and Harriett LATTER

1851 census    1861 census  1881 census 


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