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29 Jul 1788 North Ferriby, Yorks (BN)

bapt  31 Aug 1788 North Ferriby, Yorks (IGI)

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7 Jan 1812 Rowley Near Hull, Yorks (IGI)

spouse  Lois SHAW (BN) 

b c1797, South Dalton, Yorkshire (1861 cen)

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24 May 1865 North Ferriby, Yorks (BN)



1841 census  Humber Side Road, North Ferriby, E Yorks
1851 census The Grange, North Ferriby, E Yorks
1861 census The Grange, Ferriby, E Yorks


1841 census Market gardener
1851 census Market gardener
1861 census Market gardener

Other information

Lois SHAW was apparently only 15 when she got married (1861 cen) ... either that or she wasn't very good at remembering her age!

Joseph's parents given as 

John NICKELSON (as register) bapt 29 Dec 1762 Hessle, died Oct 1850 Hessle. married 12 Mar 1782, Ferriby Yorks to:

Mary WATSON born 1762 North Ferriby, ,died Sept 1837 North Ferriby (BN) 

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